Role & Functions of Estate Department (MCM) in the Light of LG Act, 1990

Amendment of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Local Government Act, 1990 (Act VII 1990) dated the 3rd October, 1995 (Act XXIII of 1995.

Functions/Services of the Department

  • Responsible for issuing the necessary permits and certificates for all kinds of buildings
  • Proposals for lease of Municipal residential and commercial plots
  • NOC to addition alteration change of user etc.
  • To take possession of reserved lands in the development plan
  • To take control of the government lands/property required to Municipal Corporation
  • Maintaining records of the properties of Municipal Corporation
  • Managing Municipal Corporation's properties

Commercial Committee

The commercial committee consisting of.

  • Administrator of Municipal Corporation(Chairman commercial Committee),
  • Chief officer member
  • Estate officer member (Secretary Committee)
  • Municipal Magistrate
  • Tax Officer
  • Deputy Director Design member
  • Municipal Engineer member

Allotment committee

The plots shall be allotted by an allotment committee consisting of.

  • Mayer / Administrator of Municipal Corporation
  • (Chairman Allotment Committee),
  • Estate Officer (Secretary Allotment Committee)
  • Deputy Director Design (Member)
  • Deputy Secretary Local Govt Board (Member)
  • Executive Engineer Local Govt Board will be the technical member of the committee.


  • To ensure strict compliance with all applicable building/structural-laws and building code requirements.
  • A person intending to erect or re-erect a building shall for sanction in the manner provided in the bye-laws and shall pay such fees as may be levied by the Municipal Corporation.


  • If a building is in a dangerous condition or otherwise unfit for human habitation, the Municipal Committee may prohibit the occupation of such building till it has been suitably repaired to the satisfaction of the Municipal Corporation.
  • If the building is in dangerous condition and declared unfit for human habitation the Municipal Corporation may for the purpose of demolition, eject the owner-occupier from such building with such necessary force as may be required.


  • No person shall make an encroachment moveable or immovable under a street, road, graveyard, crown land
  • Municipal Corporation may remove the encroachment mentioned in sub-section (1) with such force as may be necessary.

Building Plan Approval

  • The Building permission is granted subject to very tight scrutiny
  • This involves various stages starting with the identification and authenticity of land, the geo-location, if the building conforms to all the standards of safety and regulation, the distance from the road, distance from surrounding buildings, height and other criteria set by the Municipal authorities, along with the building plan. In short, it is the department’s responsibility to ensure that the building has not violated any laid down rule.
  • It is our responsibility to serve the citizens of Muzaffarabad by ensuring that every construction undertaken is safeguarded at all times


  • Implementation on existing master plan in municipal limits
  • A Estate Department shall draw up new master plan for the municipality, which shall dealt in:-
  • Restrictions regulations, and prohibitions to be imposed with regard to the development of sites,
  • Erection and re erection of building within the municipality