Municipal Corporation Muzaffarabad

Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Mayor's Message

As the Mayor of our city, it is my duty to ensure that you are well-informed about the latest developments and initiatives taking place in our community.

I am pleased to share that our city has made significant progress in various areas, including infrastructure development, public services, and community engagement. We have implemented several projects aimed at enhancing the quality of life for our residents and fostering a sense of pride and belonging.

However, challenges may arise from time to time, and it is crucial that we face them together as a united community. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable in guiding our decisions and shaping the future of our city. I encourage each and every one of you to actively participate in local forums, attend community events, and contribute to the betterment of our city.

On our official website, you will find a wealth of information about ongoing initiatives, upcoming events, and resources available to you. I urge you to explore the various sections of the website and make the most of the opportunities presented.

As we move forward, I assure you that my team and I remain committed to serving you with dedication and transparency. We will continue to work tirelessly to address your concerns, improve our city’s infrastructure, and create an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and heard.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and let us strive together to make our city a better place for all.